Applied Research and Evaluation

Program Evaluation– Our training and expertise allow us to evaluate virtually any program. These can range from K12 educational programs (e.g., student curriculum, after school programs) to higher education programs (e.g., Title V grants, STEM grants, student retention programs) to corporate programs (e.g., training programs, employee development programs). We provide our clients with the information they need; whether it’s for program improvement, federal reporting, or to decide a program’s fate.

Research Study Design- We specialize in conducting research in applied or “real world” settings. We provide our clients with quality and accurate information, and a key component to this process is designing the right study for each individual project. We know that certain studies must meet specific requirements (e.g., What Works Clearinghouse, Response to Intervention) and we pride ourselves in our ability to design studies that are rigorous and effective.

Proposal Writing/Program Design– Many of our clients choose to include us during the design phase of their programs and grants. For example, we bolster proposals with an impressive evaluation plan or build easy and effective methods to assess progress into a training program. Our clients quickly realize the benefit of considering evaluation strategy from the beginning.

Logic Model Development– A logic model allows us and our clients to better understand the complexities of programs we evaluate. We work closely with our clients to craft logic models that clearly describe their programs.

Instrument Development– Many clients need customized instruments specific to programs in order to gather the right data. We specialize in creating surveys, content assessments, and other instruments that provide our clients with the information they need.

Quantitative/Qualitative Data Collection– Collecting participant data is so much more than data entry. Interacting with program participants requires superior interpersonal skills, respect, and trust. From high response rates for surveys to in depth interviews, our methods of data collection ensure accurate and reliable results.

Quantitative/Qualitative Data Analysis– Our knowledge and skill in data analysis gives us the flexibility to provide our clients with the right research design for their program from the beginning. Data analysis requires the breadth of knowledge to select the correct analysis for the data and the depth of knowledge to truly understand what the data means.

Evaluation Capacity Building– After working with us, our clients develop a better understanding of just how evaluation can provide them with essential information for program improvement. In addition, we help clients build their own capacity to better assess and improve their programs.