Content Expertise

Culture and Diversity– Many programs focus on assisting minority and disadvantaged participants succeed. We understand the importance and have the capacity to be culturally sensitive and aware when working with our clients and their program participants.

STEM Education- As the American government moves toward becoming more competitive with the world in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM),many of our clients grants are funded to increase students’ interest and ability in STEM education. Our experience and expertise in STEM evaluation give our clients an edge in their proposals and ease the process of reporting.

Technology– Many of our clients need to determine impact of technology within their organizations. For example, as schools begin to incorporate new technology into their classrooms it becomes essential to understand how new digital media affects student performance. Our experience allows us to assess the influence of technology in your organization.

Career Development- Many organizations have programs in place to help individuals in career development. Our experience in this area, particularly when working with minority groups, provides our clients with the information they need to improve their programs.

Service Learning– We understand the value of students being engaged with their communities, specifically through efforts that expand their educational experiences outside the classroom and serve others. Several programs we evaluate focus on facilitating community engagement through service learning experiences, particularly linking to STEM education.

K12 Curricula- Educators are constantly incorporating new curricula in their classrooms. We conduct research studies that examine the efficacy of curricula in various content areas (e.g., mathematics, science, literature). We work closely with clients to determine the best way of assessing the impact of their curricula on student and teacher outcomes.

Training– Training is an essential component of most new programs or can be the program itself, and we capture the impact of training on a variety of individuals. Whether this is leadership development training, a new pedagogy for teachers, or training for a new computer program, we evaluate a variety of training initiatives to determine their effectiveness.