Frequently Asked Questions About Cobblestone

What do you offer that’s unique?

Our staff is well versed in conducting both applied research and evaluation.  Many evaluators lack formal training in evaluation, but our staff has formal training in evaluation theory, evaluation planning and management, research methods, and statistics.  Additionally, our company is committed to working closely with clients through all steps of the evaluation process.  Our ability to maintain close communication with our clients is one of the strengths of our organization. Clients have also been impressed with our willingness to assist in filing federal reports, as well as local, tailored reports and presentations.

What do you charge?

Evaluation typically cost 8-12% of your project budget, however, budgets are constructed on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of the evaluation work and timeline for the project.

Who oversees your work and holds you responsible?

We are accountable, first and foremost, to you, the client.  In our profession, our reputation hinges on the quality and integrity of the work we conduct for our clients.  We also follow the Guiding Principles for Evaluators published by the American Evaluation Association and the Program Evaluation Standards published by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluations.

Will you submit our federal report for us?

Yes, we are pleased to offer assistance in the submission of federal reports.

Do you assist in writing grant proposals?

Yes.  We have experience assisting in the grant writing process and in joining the project well into the grant funding cycle. 

Can you still evaluate my program even if the program is not located in California?

Cobblestone Applied Research and Evaluation, Inc. has experience conducting evaluations on a national scale and with clients from across the United States.  We work with the client through regular communication via phone, email, and will travel when in-person meetings are necessary.

What can I expect from our working relationship?

Our working relationships with clients are characterized by close contact and regular communication. We will work closely with your organization to provide the most useful and effective evaluation product.