K-12 Curriculum Studies

Past Studies

GO Math! Efficacy Study (2012-2014)

GO Math! is the first comprehensive mathematics program written to align with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The program emphasizes the critical areas and depth of understanding through interactive lessons, research-based instructional approaches, best practices from around the world, and differentiated instructional resources to ensure success for all students.

Math Expressions Efficacy Study (2011—2012)

Math Expressions is an innovative program that interweaves abstract mathematical concepts with everyday experiences of students. Through the program students learn math and have fun by using objects, drawing, working with other students, connecting math to daily life, and helping classmates learn.

Reality Central/SummaryScorer Efficacy Study (2010-2011)

Reality Central is a non-fiction anthology which is part of the Prentice Hall Literature (2010) series; SummaryScorer is a digital program that provides instant feedback to students on their writing. We are currently conducting a national reading and writing intervention study at grades seven and eight using the Reality Central/SummaryScorer programs in nine middle schools across the U.S.

Words Their Way: Word Study in Action Developmental Model Efficacy Study (2010-2011)

Words Their Way is a developmentally-driven, hands-on approach that provides instruction based on developmental spelling stages. We are currently conducting a study in grades two and four in fifteen elementary schools across the U.S. Please click here for the final report: Words Their Way Final Evaluation Report

Pearson Chemistry Pilot Study (2010-2011)

Pearson Chemistry was developed to make Chemistry accessible to high school students by focusing on relevance to students lives, math support, differentiated instruction, and integrated technology. We conducted a pilot study of the Pearson Chemistry program in the 2009-2010 school year. To access the pilot study final report, please click here.

Miller & Levine Biology Efficacy Study (2009-2010)

The Miller & Levine Biology program was designed to educate high school Biology students with the most up to date information from print and digital resources. This experimental study was conducted in six schools across the U.S. To access the full report, please click here.

Prentice Hall Literature Efficacy Study (2009-2010)

Prentice Hall Literature program was created to address students’ knowledge of language arts concepts, writing, and academic vocabulary. We conducted a randomized control trial of the program in eight middle schools and high schools across multiple states. To access the full report, please click here.