Our Team

Dr. Eddy

Rebecca M. Eddy, Ph.D.

Rebecca is the President of Cobblestone and a faculty member at Claremont Graduate University. She received her doctorate in Applied Cognitive Psychology and has focused her work on applying principles of learning and cognition to evaluation of programs, schools, and curricula. She has worked with community-based organizations, universities, and international corporations. Recent projects include evaluations of U.S. Department of Education (Title V) funded programs such as CoyoteCareers at California State University, San Bernardino and the STEM Pipeline Project at Cal Poly Pomona. She has also evaluated educational curricula in content areas such as Biology, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Click here for an extended biography of Dr. Eddy.

Monique Matelski

Monique Matelski, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Evaluation

Monique received her doctorate in Applied Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University (CGU). She applies social psychological research on supportive practices to better understand how, why, and for whom educational programs lead to positive academic outcomes. Click here for an extended biography of Dr. Matelski.

Namrata Patel

Namrata M. Patel, Ph.D.
Director of Strategy & Knowledge Management

Nancy Hankel

 Nicole Galport, M.A.
Research Associate

Nicole is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). She received her B.A. in Psychology and Leadership and Organizational Studies from Chapman University, and M.A. in Psychology with a co-concentration in Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation from CGU. Her evaluation and research interests include working with programs aiming to serve underrepresented, under-served, and marginalized populations, evaluator competency development, and evaluator professional development and training.


 Ashley Alchehayed, M.A.
Research Assistant

Ashley Alchehayed earned a Master of Arts in Psychology with a co-concentration in Health Behavior Research and Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University (CGU). She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods at CGU. She is very interested in evaluator competencies and how they adapt across content areas. She is also interested in the professionalization of evaluation. As a Research Assistant at Cobblestone, Ashley assists with evaluation and applied research studies by contributing her skills in observations, survey development, and qualitative/ quantitative analysis and reporting.

Carlos Echeverria-Estrada

 Carlos Echeverria-Estrada, MPH
Research Assistant

Carlos earned a Master’s of Public Policy from the University of Minnesota. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Public Policy and Evaluation at Claremont Graduate University. At Cobblestone, Carlos brings analytical support to multiple evaluation projects related to teacher training and professional development as well as various federally-funded STEM-focused programs. He has previous experience in multiple phases of data collection (such as instrument design, sampling, planning, administration and supervision) using observations, focus group discussions, surveys and individual interviews; developing evaluation designs and logic models; conducting quantitative and qualitative data analyses and reporting; and presenting results to a variety of audiences. He is fluent in Spanish and French.

Omara Turner

 Omara Turner, MBA
Research Assistant

Omara earned her Master of Business Administration at The Peter Drucker & Masatoshi Ito School of Management at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) with dual concentrations in Leadership and Strategy. She is currently pursuing her M.A. in Positive Organizational Psychology with a co-concentration in Evaluation at CGU. Omara has over 10 years experience in the education industry working both at the secondary and higher education levels.

Courtney Koletar

 Courtney Koletar, B.A.
Research Assistant

Courtney received her B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods from Claremont Graduate University. She has previously worked as a statistics consultant and teaching assistant, as well as participated in evaluating the America Reads tutoring program. Her graduate research concerns the philosophical assumptions of knowledge construction in evaluation. She is particularly interested programs aiming to promote social justice, as well as museum and art evaluation.

Holly Watt

 Holly Watt, B.A.
Research Assistant

Holly received a B.A.in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University (APU) and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Psychology from APU. As an undergraduate student, she worked as a research assistant collecting and cleaning data for Cross Race Effect Study in Latino and European Americans and Homograph Effect Study in bi-cultural bilinguals. Her research interests include K-12 education programs and substance abuse prevention.

Patrick Cortez

 David Mendelsohn, M.A.
Statistics Consultant

David is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Organizational Behavior at Claremont Graduate University. He received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and his M.A. in Organizational Behavior & Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. His research primarily focuses on the workplace experiences of LGBT individuals. He also serves as an Adjunct Lecturer, teaching courses related to Statistics and Psychometrics.

Anne Heberger Marino, MSW.
 Anne Heberger Marino, MSW.

Anne is 15 year veteran of helping others use data for decision-making in government, academic and “for purpose” organizations. She is a consultant for Cobblestone and holds a B.A. in Psychology from Ithaca College, a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate of advanced study in evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. Her current work focuses on applying developmental evaluation and mixed-method approaches to measuring the impacts of interdisciplinary research and venture science funding initiatives. She previously served in a research capacity at the Ministry of Health in British Columbia, Canada and began her career at Cornell University’s National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect.